Aquafaba Meringue Vegan Baked Alaska

If you're looking for a show-stopping, impress-the-dinner-guests dessert, then look no further than this indulgent, creamy and 100% plant-based creation.

It features 2 layers of coconut ice-cream (double chocolate + salted caramel - seriously yum!), candied almonds, turkish delight, and is all enclosed in a blowtorch-baked aquafaba meringue.

What exactly is aquafaba meringue, you may ask? It is a meringue made by whipping chickpea brine (you know, the liquid in a tin of chickpeas). Yep, it turns out that you don't need egg whites!


Aquafaba meringue can be used to make anything a traditional egg-white meringue can, including meringue kisses, pavlovas, macarons and lemon meringue tarts. The whipped mixture also makes a fantastic 3-ingredient vegan chocolate mousse (just whip chickpea brine, and then add melted dark chocolate & a little maple syrup if desired).

You can also use the mixture to make vegan butter, mayonnaise, cheese, ice-cream, marshmallows, pancakes and to brush pastry. It really is incredible. If you're looking for ideas, this facebook group is a great resource.

But anyway, back to this Baked Alaska..


So admittedly, this first attempt wasn't perfect looks-wise. The meringue layer was thrown on pretty quickly and it wasn't completely even on all sides, but, it didn't matter because it still tasted incredible.

Next time we try it though, we'll pipe it into more artistic swirly peaks. It would look quite pretty done as mini, cylindrical versions too.

One of the great things about using a plant-based meringue in this recipe is that you don't need to fuss about it being completely cooked through. (Which means you can skip baking it in the oven, and just blow-torch bake the whole lot instead).

While a Baked Alaska mostly features layers of cake at the base, we prefer this version without. But if you like it with cake, simply add slices of your favourite cake to the very top layer, which will become the bottom layer when the ice cream log is flipped out. 

Yes, it is a bit fiddly with all the layers and the production, but trust us, it is a complete knock-out dessert - perfect for dinner parties, or special occasions. (And a good way to impress omnivores, who will be left with mouths a-gasp that this incredible, classic dish can be made even more delicious without any dairy or any eggs.)

And of course, you could use this same method with store-bought vegan ice cream & home made aquafaba meringue, if you are in a hurry. 

- x Virginia


Aquafaba Meringue
Vegan Baked Alaska

Vegan | Dairy free 


Candied Almonds & turkish delight Layer

* Here in Melbourne, we're lucky to be able to buy vegan Turkish Delight from Oasis Foods, who make it freshly using cornflour as the thickener rather than gelatine. If you can't find vegan Turkish delight, simply skip this ingredient as the Baked Alaska will taste amazing anyway. 

Double chocolate rose ICE CREAM LAYER


* In Australia, sugar is vegan, as bone char is not used to filter. We make our own icing sugar by milling raw sugar in a high speed blender until it forms a fine powder, but you can use store bought icing sugar instead. 


And if there are any leftovers, (probably unlikely) it keeps well in the freezer, in a covered container, for about a week. 


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