A Dress You Can Wear Infinite Ways: Orgotton

We're both pretty passionate about ethical and sustainably minded fashion, so when we discovered the incredible label that is Orgotton, we fell a little in love ...

This fair fashion label is run by two sisters in Philadelphia - Kristy and Stef - who are on a mission to create earth-friendly and fairly-made clothing which is jaw-droppingly beautiful, with a unique twist. 

Believe it or not, these 4 different looks are all the one dress.

So why do we love Orgotton?

They handcraft their pieces in Philadelphia, to support their local cut and sew industry, using eco-friendly fabrics (such as organic cotton, bamboo & spandex). 

The sustainability aspect doesn't just stop here though. In an effort to promote slow fashion and minimalist living, they have created a range of garments which are designed to be worn an infinite amount of ways. What a wonderful idea!

The Infinity Dress we've featured in this post has long straps which can be wrapped around in copious ways, to give completely different looks. We've played with 7 different ways so far, but there are still more creative ways that we're looking forward to trying.

Oh and another little added eco bonus - Orgotton's hangtags are made from seeded paper, so that if you plant them wildflowers will grow!


I must say, I think this is the most luxurious-feeling dress I've ever worn (and no I'm not being paid to say that).

The fabric itself is so soft and beautiful, and there's so much weight in the piece that it drapes and moves incredibly. You really do feel like a goddess wearing it.

We want to go back to a time where clothing was made to last and transcend time. The handcrafted and local part of the process is so important; not only for the quality, but also for the support we are giving to the local economy here in Philadelphia.
— Kristy & Stef (of Orgotton)

One should never have to sacrifice
ethical practices or multi-function for beauty.
Our philosophy is built into every piece we make.
— kristy & stef (of orgoton)

The Infinity Dress is made to order, in Philadelphia, in 5 days from order. If you've been following us for a while, you'll already know we are big fans of Made To Order, because it reduces waste and seems like such a luxury - and yet it's actually the way that most clothes have been made throughout history!

We particularly love the idea of using this for bridesmaid's dresses, because each person could tie it in a different configuration, to create a cohesive but individual look to suit everybody. (And yes, Orgotton will sew the dress in different colours. Just email them to ask for details.)

What sort of fabric is this made from?

65% Bamboo 27% Organic Cotton 8% Spandex, made in U.S.A.

As well as our lovely long dress, the Infinity range includes a bodysuit & a short dress - both of which also feature multiple ways of tying the bodice to create lots of looks. 

You can use our code FKQ20 to get 20% off too!

all images by Future King & Queen - photography & styling by Virginia, model Henrietta