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"If you think you are too small to make a difference,try sleeping with a mosquito."

  • 14th Dalai Lama
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It all started when…

We got to thinking about how much power an individual now has to change things for the better, simply by choosing products which are fairly-made with a lower environmental cost.

In fact, our personal choices have so much of a flow-on effect on the environment & makers, that we reckon it’s like a modern version of royal decree - thus the name Future King & Queen. Never before have individuals had so much power.

The future is now - not in the never-never. It’s what we choose to do in the next minute, the next hour, the next day which can actually create a better future for the planet and all her creatures: humans included.

But if we all have this fabulous power, how can we best use it? How do we know what’s fairly made, and what does that mean anyway? We think it has different meanings to different people. But there’s no judgement here - it’s all about making little steps in making the world a kinder place. We’d rather take steps in the right direction (armed with knowledge) than create a mountain-high wish-list and then give up because it’s too hard to live by.

We are a mother-daughter team living in cosmopolitan and artsy Melbourne. We’ve both been vegan for about 4 years, and form part of a family which includes vegetarians and flexitarians.
Like a lot of people, as a family we are all trying as best we can to reduce our footprint, by doing things like minimising single-use plastic & packaging, sourcing products which are fairly made with minimum environmental impact, and choosing organic foods & natural materials as much as possible.
We’re becoming more aware of how best to do these things as we experiment, explore and discover the wonderful producers out there who are trying to make a difference.
— the editors

If it is helpful to share this knowledge, then we are excited to do so on these pages. There are tips and tricks we have discovered which use less resources than conventional materials, reviews of fairly-made eco-products, recipes to try and news of developments in the quest for better-made, higher quality goods which are not only longer lasting but are also an absolute joy to use.

Because even though we are all taking individual steps, collectively they are powerful ones!






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