Men's Shoes

Here is a growing collection of some of our favourite fairly made, animal-friendly, eco and sustainably minded men's shoe brands.


Made in Brazil in their own 100% vegan factory. Great for affordable vegan shoes that are still made ethically.

Brave Gentleman

New York City based men's fashion label - specialising in vegan, ethical & sustainable creations. They make suits, clothing and accessories. Their footwear is made in Portugal and Brazil.

Bourgeois Boheme

Designed in London. Made in Portugal, using pioneering eco materials. Their shoes are elegant and timeless.


Sneakers made with organic + fair trade cotton canvas, and sustainably harvested rubber. Melbourne based, made in Pakistan. This company is seriously transparent, and very passionate about ethical, sustainable fashion. They also make men's + women's clothing and flip flops/thongs.

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather

Designed in France, made in Portugal. Their shoes are wonderful quality, a little unusual and always super comfy.


Designed & made in Portugal. Use lots of eco-friendly materials, such as Pinatex, cork, recycled bottles, tyres + more.

Nemanti Milano

(Previously called 'Opificio V'). Luxurious, beautifully made Italian shoes.


The house brand of Moo Shoes (an LA + NYC based vegan footwear store). Made in Portugal.

Sydney Brown

Luxurious, very eco-friendly vegan shoes by American designer Sydney Brown. Made in Portugal. Use pioneering sustainable materials such as cork, coconut fibres, organic cotton, natural rubber & sustainably harvested wood.

Will's London

Based in London. Made in Portugal. Great for affordable, well-made, everyday shoes.


Zette is the in-house brand of Melbourne based ethical shoe store Vegan Style. Their shoes are made in Europe (Spain, Italy & Portugal). They’ve just introduced a men’s range of timeless, sophisticated formal shoes.

Where to buy vegan shoes: physical + online stores

vegan mens formal shoes_ethically made_sustainable_nemanti italy.png

As well as from these brands own websites, you can buy ethically made vegan shoes at various retail stores around the world. Most offer worldwide delivery.
Some of these stores below are specifically vegan, and others focus on ethical production and have good vegan options.


  • The V Spot (Sydney based. Online only)

  • Vegan Style (Melbourne based. Physical + online store)

  • Velvety (Melbourne based. Online + market pop-ups) [Use our code FKQ15 for 15% off ]



  • Avesu (German based. Physical + online)

  • Good Behavior (Lyon, France based. Physical + online)

  • Loveco (Berlin based. Physical + online)


Keeping Things Transparent:
Some of these links above are affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission if you decide to support the brand. (Bloggers have bills too!)
Using these links won't cost you anymore, and we'll never recommend a brand to you that we don't love ourselves. As always, we are keen to support small businesses with ethics & great products, who are providing fabulous vegan options. 

Second image credit: Nemanti