Compostable sneakers are now a thing, thanks to this Canadian shoe brand.

Biodegradable compostable vegan womens sneakers by Native Shoes.png

Very exciting innovations are happening in the way of sustainable, animal-friendly fashion at the moment.

For alternatives to traditional leather (that’s typically treated with chemicals such as arsenic, chromium and formaldehyde — harmful to people, animals and planet), we’re seeing a plethora of eco, cruelty-free alternative materials springing up. Think leathers made from pineapple leaves, discarded apples, kombucha scoby, plant-based oils and more.

Native Shoes, a Canadian sustainable shoes label, is helping to pave the way in planet-friendly footwear. It has just released a plant-based sneaker that is compostable, certified animal free and has 100% zero-waste biodegradability.

The sneaker, titled ‘The Plant Shoe’ is composed of materials such as organic cotton, linen, cork, sisal, pineapple husks, corn, natural rubber and eucalyptus pulp.

The Plant Shoe_compostable biodegradable sneakers by Native Shoes.jpg
compostable vegan shoes made from organic cotton-linen-pineapple-cork.jpg


  • Lasting board - 100% Eucalyptus pulp

  • Midsole - 90% cork, 10% sisal

  • Upper - Organic cotton + pineapple upper

  • Outsole - 100% natural latex lactae hevea

  • Insole - Cotton/linen footstock

  • Insole - Kenaf + corn felt

  • Laces - 100% organic cotton

The Plant Shoe comes in women’s and men’s sizes, and costs USD $200.

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