The plastic-free beauty products I use everyday

plastic free vegan beauty products.jpg

These 4 little beauty products are mainstays in my daily routine - and I’m happy to say they are either plastic-free, or almost plastic-free. Packaged in glass bottles and cardboard containers, they hold products that I find work fabulously for me.

So what are they? In order of appearance, from left to right…

plastic-free Deodorant from meow meow tweet tweet

Having tried multiple brands of natural, animal-friendly deodorants, I have to say this one is an absolute winner, and I’m surprised that it isn’t more well known as it ticks the boxes of:-

  • plastic free packaging - it is packed in a cardboard push up tube instead, which makes it hands free

  • natural, simple ingredients

  • bi-carb free which is great to avoid the bi-carb rash which is common if you’ve been using natural deodorants for a while (when the skin can build up a quota limit of sensitivity to bi-carb soda)

  • doesn’t leave white marks

  • it works.

When the container is empty, I just place the cardboard container in our home compost and it breaks down. Alternatively, you can place the empty container in your recycling bin.

Made in the US, you can buy this direct from Meow Meow Tweet Tweet or if in Australia, you can find it at VSPOT.


TONER + deep sea collagen elixer IN GLASS BOTTLEs FROM EDIBLE BEAUTY

Regular readers will know that Henrietta and I are both keen on the skincare products from Australian-based Edible Beauty. Made only from ingredients which could literally be eaten (though they might not be so tasty!), they are developed to actually nourish your skin as food, rather than sitting on top as a sealed layer. There are various combinations for different skin conditions, all plant-based, but 2 of my absolute favourites are this Toner Mist and the Deep Sea Collagen Elixir - which I use morning and night after cleansing. If it’s a hot day, a misted spray of toner is incredibly refreshing, and I find that the Deep Sea Elixir applied under moisturiser extends the effect of the moisturiser throughout the day.

To get 20% discount for these, or any other Edible Beauty products, use this link below and enter the discount code FUTURE20


luxury, vegan perfume in a refillable glass bottle by Eden Perfumes

Now this one is a game changer, if you love high-end luxury perfumes but want to find a more eco-friendly version. Made in Brighton, England, Eden use vegan ingredients to produce highly concentrated perfumes for both men and women. They are all packaged in the same style of glass bottle, which is simply numbered with a sticker on the bottom of the bottle, to differentiate it. That’s clever, because it means less wasted packaging if a particular product line doesn’t sell (thinking here of the vast quantities of celebrity perfumes which are dumped when they are no longer fashionable).

Ingredients are botanical, with no parabens, no phthalates, no synthetic preservatives - and the range is enormous. The fun part is that you simply enter the name of your favourite traditional perfume or after shave into their finder, and it comes back with a very close match. For years, I wore Chanel No 5 as my signature perfume. Eden’s No 7 is more than a match for it - it’s classy and understated. If anything I actually like the scent better than the Chanel as it is more elegant. And it’s not only cruelty-free, it’s vegan, made from natural essential oils - so I’m thrilled to be able to wear this style of luxury perfume whilst still holding true to my passions.

And if all this isn’t reason enough to try Eden Perfumes out, they offer online refills. (Genius!) Simply send back your bottles to them and they will refill them and send them back to you. (They recommend waiting till you have 3 empty bottles to send together to save on postage.)

Shipping is world wide, including for refills.