Fab 4: Peach Lipstick (vegan)

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No #2

No #3

No #4

No 1: Aurora Peach, lipstick by Eye of Horus. This is one of my favourite brands of lipstick, partly because of the packaging and partly because it’s a very subtle creamy lipstick which feels very moisturising. The packaging is cardboard and a metal sleeve - so it’s plastic free.

Eye of Horus BIO Lipstick in Aurora Peach

No 2: hands down, my absolute favourite lipstick is Axiology. Not only is the product creamy & moisturising, the ingredients list reads more like a moisturiser for your lips. Avocado butter, organic orange oil & organic grape seed oil are some of the luscious ingredients. The packaging is also impressive, packed in a distinctive gold metal tube & encased in a recycled cardboard triangular box.

Axiology lipstick - devotion

No 3: Heaven Sent, lipstick by Mecca Max. Mecca has been progressively increasing its vegan product range, and now all of its house brand, Mecca Max, is vegan - which is exciting as there is a good range of products. This one is a soft, almost nude peach - good for a subtle, elegant look.

Mecca Max Pout Pop Lipstick in Heaven Sent.

No 4: Coachella Coral by Charlotte Tilbury. A pinkish tone of peach, this lipstick is more of a matte cover than the other three on our list. Well known for her work with celebrity models, Charlotte Tilbury is also committed to having her entire range of makeup animal-friendly.

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick - Coachella Coral.

Do you have a favourite brand of vegan lipstick?