Chia, coconut & blueberry muffins.

Dairy-free // egg-free // wholefoods


This morning, the cat decided it would be fun to wake me up at 5 am.

He did this by gently tapping my face with his paw. 

How do cats learn this stuff?

Anyway, having been woken up (just to give him a cuddle apparently)

there was nothing for it but to use the early hour 

to make a batch of muffins for the household to enjoy when they awoke,

a respectable hour later...

Because it was before dawn,

it wasn't possible to grind flaxseed in the (noisy) blender,

so an alternative (quieter) experiment was sought: adding vinegar to plant milk,

which helps to bind the mixture & make it light.

Made by hand, with just a wooden spoon,

this is the perfect recipe when you have to creep about the kitchen

like a mouse. 

Because of the cat....


Chia, coconut & blueberry muffins: