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This Do-Good Brand Wants You To Own A Part Of Them: Bhumi Equity Crowdfunding

There really are some wonderful brands out there working to clean up the fashion industry, and to have a positive impact on the world.

Melbourne-based Bhumi certainly fit this bill. After witnessing firsthand the enormous amount of harm done to workers and the environment in fast fashion and textile supply chains, the founders were inspired to create a brand that does things better.

Now, they want you be a part of their story.

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The Ocean Has a Patch of Plastic That's 3 Times The Size of France, And It's Growing

Just think about that. 3 Frances all lined up next to each other. That's the size of a patch of plastic (the Great Pacific Garbage Patch) that's currently floating together in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Scientists of The Ocean Cleanup Foundation have recently conducted the most extensive analysis ever of this area, and here's what they found..

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How To Have A More Ethical Wardrobe

Did you know that the fashion industry is the world's second largest polluter? (Right behind the oil industry).
Pretty crazy hey! After we watched The True Cost Movie last year, and learnt of the massive environmental and ethical impacts of the modern fast fashion industry, we knew our buying habits had to change.

Here are some simple ways you can build a wardrobe that is more ethical in terms of treatment of workers, animals and the environment.

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