Stop Sucking: Ditch Straws to Save Our Oceans

The ocean is a beautiful and breathtakingly brilliant thing. But it needs our help.

In the US alone, 500 million straws are used everyday, and many of these end up in the sea 😧  If we don't act to change our current rate of plastic-use, by 2050 we could see more plastic in our ocean than fish!

Plastic is devastating marine life

"An estimated 71% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have been found with plastics in their stomachs. When they ingest plastic, marine life has a 50% mortality rate. What would our oceans be without marine life?

(Source: Communication with Chris Wilcox, CSIRO, primary and contributing author to both studies cited.)

What’s equally as bad, perhaps even worse is that when plastic does make it into the ocean it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces known as “microplastics” rather than biodegrading or dissolving, which poses great threats to marine life including fish".  -  StrawlessOcean.Org

Stop Sucking on plastic straws - join the Lonely Whale campaign to save our oceans.

What you can do: #STOPSUCKING

Help cut down on plastic entering our oceans by ditching plastic straws.

Take the pledge to #stopsucking, then share it on social media and invite others to do the same.

You can accept our challenge by visiting our URL page here

Thanks @model4greenliving and @lonelywhale for challenging me to #stopsucking and refuse plastic straws.

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