Indoor Plants to make you happier?

Incorporating pot plants in your home can make you healthier

Incorporating pot plants in your home can make you healthier

Pot plants have become a very trendy feature in recent years, and while we're loving the relaxed vibe that a gaggle of greenery provides, there's also an extra reason to adopt more plant friends in your life.

After analysing decades of research on the benefits of pot plants, new findings from a joint RMIT and University of Melbourne study came to a simple conclusion: It turns out that surrounding yourself with growing plants can actually make you happier as well as improving the air quality. 

RMIT also investigated direct mental health benefits of plant, such as improved mood and concentration, and indirect benefits, such as productivity and positive social behaviour, that indoor plants might have caused.

They found that there is very little wellbeing benefit in just one plant, but once you start to create a “look” in your space, wellbeing begins to increase significantly.

What’s more, complexity matters. The greater the mix of sizes and varietals, the greater the benefits.

PLANT LIFE BALANCE have put together a fabulous little app (and a helpful website) to explain this study, which also shows you which plants to combine, and how many you need, to maximise the benefits. The app will rate your space to see how you're doing so far. And to make it super easy to then make your space healthier, they've also compiled 7 different "looks", from Jungle Vibes through to Formal Luxe, detailing which plants and how to care for them. 


This all sounds like the perfect excuse for us to get just one, no maybe just several, more plant babies to add to our growing collection....