This Do-Good Brand Wants You To Own A Part Of Them: Bhumi Equity Crowdfunding

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There really are some wonderful brands out there working to clean up the fashion industry, and to have a positive impact on the world.

Melbourne-based Bhumi certainly fit this bill. After witnessing firsthand the enormous amount of harm done to workers and the environment in fast fashion and textile supply chains, the founders were inspired to create a brand that does things better. They use certified organic and fairtrade cotton to create dreamily luxurious bedding, bath and basics. (That’s speaking from experience, as over the past couple of years Bhumi have become my go-to brand for these items, and my collection of their beautiful towels, bedding sets and yogawear is slowly but appreciatively growing).

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So why does organic and fairtrade cotton matter?

As Bhumi co-founder Vinita speaks about in this video, conventional cotton, bamboo, rayon, viscose and polyester are generally produced with toxic chemicals and dyes that are carcinogenic and hormone disrupting.

Over 90% of the world’s cotton is grown from GM seeds, grown in toxic pesticides and fertilisers. This toxic chemical mix then makes its way into our soil, waterways, the air around us, and also eventually into our bodies.

On a humanitarian level, the fast fashion industry gives rise to sweatshops, cotton farmer suicides, and is linked to some of the 170 million+ children engaged in child labour today.

It’s therefore so wonderful to come across brands working towards more ethical and sustainable alternatives.

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Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

To help Bhumi grow with their increasing demand whilst staying true to their core values and purpose, they have just launched an equity crowdfunding campaign. It’s like a Kickstarter or Pozible campaign, but instead of receiving a one-off product ‘reward’, you receive part ownership (through shares) in the company. (The concept is explained further here).

Bhumi plans to use the money raised to increase their year-round inventory to keep up with growing demand, to expand in new locations and to launch new products.

If you’re interested, you can watch the video below, or express your interest on their campaign page.
Campaign ends 21/3/2019.