Spinach, Mushroom & Almond Feta Spanakopita


Dairy free | Vegan | Easy-to-make 

These little Spanakopitas are healthy, very quick to prepare and super delicious.
Trust us, you won't miss the dairy!

We generally serve them with a crunchy salad on the side,
(like this red & green cabbage, fresh chili, & chive salad
with an olive oil & apple cider vinegar dressing).

If there are leftovers (unlikely because they are hard to resist!),
they also taste scrumptious cold and are perfect to pack into
a lunchbox for school or work.

We have discovered a locally made almond feta,
available at our favourite Melbourne wholefoods store,
Apples & Sage, 
which works beautifully in this recipe.
(It's the Damona brand for Australian readers.)

Of course, you can use any good store-bought or
home-made almond feta instead.
(It's one of the next things we want to try making,
having had lots of success with cashew cheese.)

Damona also make a brilliant vegan (soy based) bocconcini
which adds a creamy texture to the Spanakopita,
and we like to use a mixture of both in this recipe.

But use whatever version of soft plant cheese
is available to you  - because it's a very forgiving recipe. 


Spinach, Mushroom & Almond Feta Spanakopita