Melbourne Designed & Made: Protea Yoga Leggings

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Made by hand in Melbourne,
from the ethically focussed yoga label Protea,
these striking leggings have quickly become our favourite
pants for walking, running & of course for yoga.


Patterns of stripes, florals & geometrics
in monochrome & bright colours
make for happy legs. 

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The designer behind the label is
Alissa Stytsenko-Berdnik,
who sews all the garments herself,
using locally sourced materials and unique printing.

We love the importance placed on sustainable fashion,
as her garments are designed to be worn & loved
for years on end -  making for a healthier planet.

The quality of the garments & the perfect fit
is hard to describe - they really are beautiful to wear.

Alissa's designs emphasise high quality of fabric and stitching,
which transcends to garments that feel silky-soft,
flexible and incredibly durable.

Sweat and odour resistant.
Sounds unbelievable,
but it’s actually true.

This next-generation polyester fibre
doesn’t absorb moisture
& thus doesn’t accumulate smells;
and knitted structure allows fabric to “breathe”
and evaporate sweat in no time.
— Alissa Stytsenko-Berdnik, Protea designer

Protea leggings come in their own
sweet little matching carry bags.

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protea yoga estelle leggings.jpg
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Your vision will become clear
only when you look into your heart.
— Carl Jung
Care instructions, size & a quote are printed onto the inside of the waistband - so no scratchy labels. 

Care instructions, size & a quote are printed onto the inside of the waistband - so no scratchy labels. 


Each design also comes with a unique, inspiring quote printed onto the waistband - what a gorgeous touch!


We love supporting local artisans
who are passionate about what they do;
creating sustainable fashion
which is cruelty-free, high quality & made from future fabrics
with superior performance & durability.

Hopefully you love Alissa's creations as much us!


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PS - These leggings were kindly given to us by Alissa after she reached out to us. As always, we are keen to support small businesses with ethics & great products, who are providing fabulous vegan options.