What Bead & Reel Founder Sica Keeps In Her Ethical Handbag

When you're the founder of an ethical, vegan & eco fashion boutique, what do you choose to carry in your own handbag? I chatted with Sica Schmitz, an LA costume designer turned ethical fashion advocate, to get the inside scoop.

Through social media, I've been able to connect with some truly wonderful and inspiring people, and Sica is one of them. She proudly stands behind what she believes in - from fair garment worker rights, to animal welfare, environmental sustainability and women's equality. I always love reading her thoughtful and insightful posts on the Bead and Reel blog, where her passion and authenticity really shines through. (#ladyboss..)

over to you sica..

Sica Schmitz:
What's in my Ethical Handbag?

" I wish I were cool and had really neat unique things in my bag to share but this is a completely true photo of exactly what I had in my bag today (and most days). I tend to stay light and minimal, and half the time don't even carry the tote!

Pocket Bum Bag

  • Pocket Bum Bag from Bead & Reel - I transitioned full time to fanny packs about a year ago. It's so freeing to not have my arms and hands weight down or be carrying extra stuff I don't need! This is my favorite everyday fanny pack (though I have 2 others I rotate through sometimes) and I recently got rid of my last traditional handbag. Freedom! It's vegan, Made in Los Angeles, and lined with organic cotton, so it's basically the perfect bag.


  • This is my one guilty item, I haven't yet figured out how to be really ethical about electronics. However, I use Credo Mobile for my phone carrier and I love that they are an outspoken, progressive company that donates to a different cause each month.

Card Holder

  • From Ten Thousand Villages - This is the first fair trade item I intentionally bought when I first started learning about fair trade. It was handmade in Thailand and I've used it for about 4 years now!


  • Pacific Lipstick in Rebel Sol - One of my go-to colors, totally vegan + cruelty-free. My mom says, "wear red lipstick to accentuate that your words are important" and I always keep a few shades close by.
  • Aromi Matte Liquid Lipstick in Orange Tangerine - This is my favorite lipstick ever. It stays on all day, doesn't feel heavy, and the color is the perfect bright red/orange. Vegan + cruelty-free (of course!). 


  • Andrea Tall Tote from Bead & Reel - This style isn't available anymore (link for similar) but you can't go wrong with a classic vegan leather tote. I use this for the days when I need to bring along more than the fanny pack can hold.

Pen + Notebook

  • Classic Notebook by May Designs + Pen - This was a gift from Katie Pruett, the Editor of The Ethical Style Journal (which I am the Fashion Editor) and it's great for jotting down notes, ideas, or musings while I'm on the go. I love the monochromatic design.


  • I like to be prepared in case I have time to listen to a podcast while I'm out. My favorites right now are Conscious Chatter and Magnifeco to keep up with what's new and exciting in ethical fashion.


  • By RA.D  - These were sent to me by a company that wanted to be considered for Bead & Reel, and I thought they were beautiful and wanted to find out more about them but they never got back to me despite my multiple emails! I figured the most eco-friendly thing I can do at this point is to give them a loving home.

Business Cards

  • I give out so many business cards each week! I always keep a stack with me, and they are printed on recycled paper here in Los Angeles".

Thanks for sharing what you carry in your bag Sica.

We love the idea of the sexy fanny pack.. yay for more freedom!

You can follow along with Sica's daily adventures on Instagram, or check out her ethical boutique Bead and Reel (or its Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest).

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