What's In My (Ethical) Handbag: Liv Lundelius

Curious to know what ethical fashionistas from around the globe carry in their handbags?

We certainly are! So we are bringing you a new feature serious, where we will delve into the personal possessions of some of our favourite ethical fashion gurus. Everything will of course be vegan, including the bag itself!


The first lovely lady we want to introduce you to is Liv Lundelius -
a Sydney-based cruelty-free makeup artist with a passion
for holistic beauty and wellness,
getting creative, and seeking out beauty in everyday life.

Over to you, Liv...

Liv Lundelius:
What's in my ethical handbag?


While I try my best to keep my handbag tidy and not to carry too much unnecessary stuff with me, truth to be told, my bag often does turn out to get a bit messy with many random bits flying around in there.


The Bag:

With a baby on the way, I am having the best intentions to keep a little more organized. Which also is the reason why I bought this:

"The Honest Co Vegan City Backpack", which also doubles as a rather stylish diaper bag.

It's probably the first time I bought a backpack as a handbag, since leaving school. I think as Mum to be my hands will be full at most times. It also fits our camera and still has a lot of spare room, which will soon be filled with baby-related things. 


Phone & Diary:


I always keep all my appointments written down in a traditional paper calendar as well as in my iCalendar, which is synced to my desktop, Mac. I also really like writing lists and ideas down on paper, so I love having a little notebook with me. I also always carry a few business cards with me.


Beauty Essentials:


Hurraw Vanilla Lip Balm, my favorite! And one of the few vegan balms out there.

Jane Iredale Lipgloss, when I need to look more polished in an instant. This one is "Beach Plum" my favourite colour.

Vanessa Megan mini perfume. I like "Darling" the best. It's uplifting and grounding all at the same time.

Deodorant, because I work hard ;) this one, Citrus Fresh, is the pregnancy-safe version of my go to, which is called "Wooden Spice" both by Fresca and absolutely free of any nasty ingredients.

Weleda Pomegranate Hand Cream, smells delicious, is hydrating and absorbs quickly, which is perfect when I am on the go.

Edible Beauty Citrus Rhapsody Toner Mist, I like to carry the travel size during the warm months as a quick makeup and skin refresh throughout the day. Pictured is the regular size, which is less travel-friendly.



Hair ties and bobby pins. One of those things that always seem to disappear, so I regularly stock up on them.


Water Bottle:

I don't leave the house without my Clean Kanteen water bottles filled with fresh filtered water.

While others might get hangry, I get VERY irritable when I am thirsty.

To avoid buying water plastic bottles which is unhealthy, bad for the environment and expensive, I try to always bring my water.




This is definitely a new add-on. In pregnancy. it's highly recommended to eat smaller meals and more snacks. 

I often also work on set or on weddings where there are very limited healthy vegan options available, so it's always a good idea to have a raw vegan protein bar in the bag.

I do make my own healthy bliss balls but there is not always enough time. 

The Health Food guys make delicious ones that have become a staple in my bag for those emergency snack situations



I left out a few general items such as tissues, wipes, and keys... And most of the time I have my sunglasses in there too, also I am in the market for a new vegan wallet!

Thanks for sharing lovely Liv!

You can read more about this natural & cruelty-free beauty and wellness artist in our interview with her earlier this year. (P.S. We adore her blog Live Life Mag.)

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