The Story Behind Australian Sustainable Label: Sticks + Stone

Recently I came across this Australian designed and made fashion label, and I was immediately enamoured by the beauty of the clothes, as well as its creator's strong passion for sustainable and ethical fashion.

Sticks + Stone was founded earlier this year by Jacky Stickler, who, after spending the first decade of her career as a marketing specialist, recently decided to return to her roots and begin on a path more aligned with her passion for positive social contribution & environmental practices.


Jacky grew up in Queensland, Australia, where she formed a love for the outdoors and an affinity with the environment from an early age.

She spent a lot of time with her Aunt, who worked as a seamstress in a sweatshop for a decade, before saving up enough money to open a clothing store, to enjoy and amplify fashion on her own terms.

These experiences have stuck with Jacky, and are part of what inspired her to launch her own label.


Environmentally conscious fabrics

Sticks + Stone's creations are made with certified organic cotton materials, that are free from synthetic chemicals such as pesticides & fertilisers, and are coloured with natural, non-toxic dyes.

Why care about this?

Conventional (i.e. non-organic) cotton is extremely damaging to the environment, and pollutes its air, water and natural biodiversity. This cotton covers 2.5% of the globe's cultivated land, but consumes 16% of the world's insecticides.

Sticks + Stone's pieces are also designed with quality and longevity in mind, so that they can be loved & worn for years on end.

I really love how genuinely passionate Jacky is about the sustainable/ethical fashion movement, and how she encourages us to recognise that we all have the power to make the world a better place. (A message after my own heart.. <3)

In Jacky's own words:

It’s easy to be blissfully unaware,
however once you are awakened
it’s really quite simple:
how can you not take action?
— Jacky Stickler, founder Sticks + Stone

Jacky's dream for her label:

"My ultimate dream is to create a movement, a ground swell of positive energy amongst a generation of women wanting to be a part of something more. My aim is to inspire women to look & feel at their best & to use their positive energies for good. Whilst the clothing & the label will be important, I dream to contribute so much more in this space in the future".


Do you think more designers and/or labels will adhere to an eco-conscious philosophy?

Jacky: "Absolutely. As we progress across years & decades & as our world becomes more connected than ever, it becomes more apparent that there are many social & environmental issues that are direct outcomes of the fashion industry & excess consumerism.

Each individual consumer holds the greatest power to effect change through the ability to vote with their wallets.

Whilst some glorified ideals currently held in todays society, like image & status, can tend to hold us back from important positive progression, it is now more important than ever that those brands & businesses working towards a better future are supported & amplified, to educate & empower consumers".

Twist of Fate dress

In this shoot, I'm wearing Sticks + Stone's Twist of Fate dress, which is made from 95% organic cotton + 5% spandex. (Other outfit details shown below). The dress is a strikingly elegant delicate blush shade - like the warm skin of a summer peach. 

But it's the way the dress is cut and structured, with its ruched & twisted construction, along with the dense quality of the fabric, that makes this dress so glamorous to wear. It's just as gorgeous from the back - with the ruche detail creating a play on texture.  

Sticks + Stone's current collection also features a couple of other dresses, as well as organic cotton skirts, pants and shirts. Which you can find here.


Full outfit/s details

Twist of Fate Dress by Sticks + Stone // Atlantis Sandals by Olsenshaus from The V Spot // Vintage straw hat bought second hand // Black cork lined flats by Ahimsa from Vegan Style // Black coat by Kowtow // Pink faux fur jacket by Pelush New York

All images by Future King & Queen - photography & styling by Virginia, model Henrietta

Keeping things transparent: this dress was gifted to me by Jacky of Sticks+Stone, however all opinions are my own, and I'm so happy to help spread the word about her conscious, eco-friendly clothing label. I love the ethos behind it!
As always, we are keen to support small businesses, who are providing fabulous options for fashion & lifestyle that's kind to people, animals & the planet.