6 Ethical Underwear Brands Making Sustainable Basics Sexy

Looking for underwear that is super comfy, kind to the environment and garment workers, and actually still looks really cute?

No problemo! Here are a few of my fav sustainable lingerie labels that make basics look not so basic.



Basal's undies, bras and crops are made consciously in California, USA, using organic cotton + spandex milled in Los Angeles.

Amongst their collection of staple basics they have one-off pieces, such as those hand-dyed with all natural indigo (derived from an organic plant grown locally in LA by one of their friends), and some seriously stunning hand-embroidered pieces.


LÉ BUNS eco intimates are designed in Melbourne, Australia, and are made ethically in Bali, in boutique family owned facilities that make sure its workers are treated well. A high importance is placed on sustainability in the manufacturing process, as minimal water and energy are used, and fabric off-cuts and scraps are given to local orphanages for the children to make dolls, rather than entering landfill.

As well as GOTS certified organic cotton underwear, LÉ BUNS also have a gorgeous swimwear collection made from repurposed nylon fishing nets and other waste materials.

3. Nico

Australian label Nico make minimal, everyday underwear using the eco-luxe material Lenzing Modal. This material is sustainably sourced from the naturally propagating Beechwood tree, which doesn't require irrigation or planting.
A closed loop system is used in Lenzing Modal's production, meaning 95% of production materials are recovered in the factory.

Nico's underwear collection is made and designed in Melbourne, Australia, and is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia.

4. Woron

Scandinavian based brand WORON was founded by two sisters in Copenhagen, who shared a desire to create a comfortable lingerie line, without sacrificing feminine shaping, fashion & style, nor environmental sustainability.

Their pieces are made from Lenzing Modal® fabric - a fibre made from beech wood sourced from sustainable forestry plantations in Europe. Organic cotton is used for their garment wash bags.

WORON are an entirely vegan brand, and they proudly do not use any animal products such as silk, wool or leather. Their lingerie and everyday basics are manufactured ethically in a small family owned factory in Hungary, and their washbags by another small family business in India (which reduces transportation, as the organic cotton for them is grown in India).

Even Emma Watson loves this brand, and she helped publicise it through her @the_press_tour Instagram account.

5. Madonna Bain

All of Madonna Bain's eco creations are designed and sampled in her studio in Byron Bay, Australia. They are then hand crafted ethically in small batches in Bali, Indonesia, by a team of 3-5 artisans. These seamstresses assemble the garments in their own homes and in their own time.

Madonna's lingerie is made with GOTS certified organic cotton, and remnant fabrics leftover from large manufacturer's production runs.

I have just recently purchased some of Madonna's sustainable creations, and they are absolutely stunning. (They're incredibly soft too!)

6. Lara

OK, so technically this brand isn't available yet, as it's just finished its Kickstarter campaign, and is set to launch in September 2017.

Lara is definitely something to keep on your radar though. Its two founders Faith and Cindy met at the London College of Fashion four years ago, and as they gained experience in the lingerie industry, they learnt about the not so nice parts of the fashion supply chain.

They're currently building their London factory, and the prototypes they've shown on social media are crazy gorgeous. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything they do, so Lara's lingerie will be made with reclaimed fabrics that would have otherwise entered landfill. They will even convert their own fabric offcuts into stuffing for other garments.

Oh and these ladies are obsessed (in a good way) with fit too, so their pieces are supportive, comfortable and flattering. They've even created a Find My Size tool, to ensure your intimates fits you just right.

I can't wait for their launch!

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