Weekly Reads // What trends will the New 2016 Year bring?


Here at the Future King & Queen nerve centre, 

we have a feeling that there is rather a change in the air.

We're looking forward to seeing more positive awareness 

of the world around us in 2016,

and how our choice of lifestyle can actually make a difference

to the wellbeing of others on the planet

(both animals, ourselves, and of course the ecosystem itself). 


Of course, looking into the giant Crystal Ball to work out 

what trends are likely to happen next

is a bit of fun,

so let's have a look at some themes which seem to be emerging,

as noted by futurists & trend forecasters:-


Trading Fast Fashion for Ethical Fashion & The Rise of the Small House, seen in 👓 Elle.


Spending more on organic, quality foods & the growth of plant-based alternatives to animal-derived foods, seen in 👓 Forbes


The rise of the flexi-vegan - or more people adopting plant-based meals as part of their weekly diet, seen in 👓 The Telegraph


Staying at "social good" hotels, seen in 👓 J Walter Thompson Intelligence


The year to fall in love with nut cheeses, for their own delicious sake, seen in 👓 Food and Wine


We reckon one of the biggest trends for 2016 involves ethical fashion companies moving into the mainstream - witness the growth of brands like Reformation with their emphasis on sustainable clothing production. These clothes are anything but hippie.

All in all, the future looks pretty bright!