Gentle Gourmet Restaurant Review: Vegan in Paris

Oh Paris, you sure are an amazing city. Ever-so elegant streets, incredible history, and that beautiful language rolling off the tongues of its stylish inhabitants.
We love this city to pieces, but one thing Paris doesn't really seem to do so well is delicious vegan food.


Sure, there are some great falafel restaurants around (and falafel is always a good idea in our minds). But when we aimed to try 'local' cuisine, or if we didn't specifically seek out a veg-friendly restaurant, we mostly seemed to end up with iceberg lettuce and bread on our plates.

Gentle Gourmet is helping to change this though. This elegant restaurant serves exquisite plant-based food, which completely stands up to (and we think rivals) the meat and dairy heavy restaurants that Paris is traditionally known for.


We'd heard many good reviews about Gentle Gourmet, so when we travelled to Paris recently, we knew it had to be on the to-do list.

And after experiencing this restaurant for ourselves, we know why it's so talked about and loved by those who've tried it..


What We Ate..

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We visited Gentle Gourmet during lunchtime, so we both decided to try the 'Formule Midi' (a set lunch menu, featuring daily specials).

We should mention first though that the third member of our group picked a meal from the regular menu: a ravioli filled with tofu and sea vegetables. It was an interesting concept, but sadly we didn't think it was at all in the same league as the other dishes. It was extremely salty, and the filling wasn't creamy like we'd imagined it to be (instead it was a little dry and crumbly).

Happily though, all of the other dishes were great!


Formules Midi - Set Lunch Menu:

This three-course meal was incredible. Each dish was bursting with complex flavours and was plated exquisitely. They really were art on a plate.

Here's what we ate:


Starter:   Artichauts, tomates séchées et huile de truffe ( Artichokes, sun-dried tomato & truffle oil).

Starter: Artichauts, tomates séchées et huile de truffe (Artichokes, sun-dried tomato & truffle oil).

Main:   Fouilles sautées au beurre végétal et Chantilly de fèves.  (Wild mushrooms with fava bean Chantilly cream)

Main: Fouilles sautées au beurre végétal et Chantilly de fèves. (Wild mushrooms with fava bean Chantilly cream)

Dessert:   Terrine chocolat, beurre de cacahuètes et crumble croquant.  (Chocolate mousse with peanut butter crumble).

Dessert: Terrine chocolat, beurre de cacahuètes et crumble croquant. (Chocolate mousse with peanut butter crumble).

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, if you're planning a trip to France, make sure you check out Gentle Gourmet whilst you're there.

We even hear that they plan to open a second Parisian restaurant, which is excellent news!

Gentle Gourmet - 100% Vegan Restaurant

ADDRESS: 24 Boulevard de la Bastille, 75012 Paris, France

PHONE: +33 1 43 43 48 49


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