Conscious Fashion: Backpacks From Up-Cycled Upholstery

Eco-Friendly :: Artisan Made :: VEGAN

This gorgeous little backpack was handmade in Barcelona by NUMON, who reuse household textiles such as bedcovers, tablecloths, upholstery, curtains and sheets to create unique and useful accessories for everyday use.

If you've been following our blog, you'll know that we're big fans of up-cycled fashion, as it's such a great way to reduce environmental impact, and to give new life to pre-used materials. Like these bags and wallets made from recycled seatbelts.

This particular bag shown here is made from recycled upholstery, with vegan leather straps. We came across it through Velvety - an Australian online store selling ethically-made, eco-friendly, vegan products.

What do you think.. do you like this bag?


If you would like a unique, up-cycled bag like this one, you can use our code FKQ15 to get one like it with 15% off. Head to Velvety here.

(Note that this exact bag isn't available, as given the nature of their material, each NUMON product is a little different, and fabrics run in limited editions. We think this makes them all the more charming though!)


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