Goodbye Plastic, Hello Cutlery You Can Eat

Environmentally Friendly, Healthy & Delicious.
Introducing Edible Cutlery.

Imagine eating your meal, and then eating your cutlery along with it.
This is just what Narayana Peesapati, founder of Bakey's Edible Cutlery, is allowing us to do.

Plastic is full of toxins, some of which can cause cancer.
It is petroleum-derived, and takes an extremely long time to decompose.
So why are we still using it?
Sure, it's cheap and convenient, but Narayana believes his cutlery can be these things too, along with the benefits of being environmentally friendly and good for you!

In India alone, 120 billion pieces of disposable cutlery are discarded annually.

His cutlery is made from a mix of sorghum, rice and wheat flours.
Sorghum (a type of millet) is used as the main ingredient as it is a highly efficient crop, requiring 60 times less water than rice to grow. 

Having worked with the International Water Management Management Institute,
Narayana wants to see a transition away from rice,
towards more water-efficient, dry lands crops (such as millets).

As well as eco-friendly, his spoons are also nutritious (containing fibre, iron, protein & calcium) and have been designed to taste good.
They even come in different flavours - such as black pepper, ginger-cinnamon and carrot-beetroot.
And yes, they're 100% vegan.

If you don't want to eat them, you can put them straight into compost where they'll break down in just a few days.
Despite this, they're still suitable to use with hot foods or drinks. 
(Narayana shows us stirring tea with them in his video.)

It's fun, it's creative, it's good for the planet's health and our own.
We love it, and we can't wait to get our hands onto some.

You can order yours by heading to their crowdfunding campaign here.

(Image sourced from The Better India)