Matchy matchy: when boots and bag tell a story

While it's fun to mix up accessories, there's no denying there's a certain elegance in going the "matching" route. It was an unwritten rule in women's fashion for most of the 20th century, that a handbag and shoes should compliment, if not literally match in colour and style. 

Which is why I'm a bit smitten with the new range of matching shoes and bags from the Italian vegan brand Kweder. In particular, it's this bootie and bag combo that makes me smile, because those free flowing flowers would have to put a grin on anybody's face - they are pure joy of life stuff. 

Made in Italy, under fair conditions, from Alcantara (a high quality, breathable, waterproof animal-free suede like material) and with hand-sewn flowers embellishing them, they really are rather charmingly elegant. 

And we're all for charmingly elegant around here....


Available direct from the makers, via their online store:-