KWEDER : boldly confident : Italian luxury shoes & bags made for each other

With stylish attention to detail & the finest materials, Italian-crafted Kweder shoes and bags are no ordinary accessories.

For starters, they come in matching sets, so you know you're going to look elegantly attired. Backpack + heels, bucket bag + peep-toe sandals, structured bag + booties ---> each has a matching accessory with a co-ordinating pattern & colour. 

The colours and patterns are bold, bold, bold (with that Italian love of colour) - and just the right amount of tone and detail to achieve a confident look. 


Importantly, they are
ethically made
from animal-friendly materials.

These creative bags and shoes are not only vegan, but they are made with high quality breathable, water resistant fabrics. Kweder source their materials from enlightened local manufacturers who are championing developments in more environmentally aware production.

PVC free, crafted by hand using traditional techniques for which Italy's artisans are famous, and with the tactile feel of luxurious quality, you can tell we're pretty smitten with this matching set!

When the Nicuzza backpack and matching pump, which Henrietta is wearing here, arrived from Italy in its own gorgeous chocolate-brown box (itself made from FSC paper and made using solvent-free and animal-free adhesives), we couldn't wait to open it to see if the shoes and bag looked as good as they did on the Kweder website.

Happily, they looked even better, as the quality of the materials and workmanship lifts these accessories up into the luxury category. Beautifully stitched, luxe zippers & buckles, everything in just the right place.

They just oozed Italian style....

And can we talk about comfort?

It's a lofty heel, but the shoes are so well balanced that they feel quite impossibly comfortable. 

Some of the lift comes from the cushioning platform sole, and with double ankle straps (which become part of the sweeping design) they feel really secure. Function becomes form, and form becomes aesthetics. 

matching italian bags and shoes kweder vegan.jpg


There's a story behind pretty much everything Kweder do, from a love of Italy & its traditional crafts by the three Sicilian sisters who make up Kweder, to a care for environmentally-conscious local production, to making sure that every element of their bags and shoes are truly animal-free and high quality. 

So it's no surprise there's also a story behind the colourful pattern on this bold set....


In their own words….

Chiaroscuro effects and a vivid polychromy feature Sicilian pieces of decorative art, mirroring a rich mosaic of Arab, Byzantine, Norman and Swabian culture.

The feeling to be in different sensory dimension at the same time, here and elsewhere, where igneous reflections of ceramics and blazes produced by lava, emanate the power of their incredible colours.

Inspired by these emotions, the painting masterfully merges the sunny brightness, the hot flash of Volcano’s forge and the crystallized gracefulness of classical and contemporary plastic art.

So if you also appreciate fine quality luxe accessories, and value a high standard of ethical manufacture, made without animal products or byproducts, using traditional artisan techniques in state of the art earth-conscious materials, then do have a look at this fresh young Italian brand. Everything Kweder make is vegan, and everything is made in Italy. 

As you can see, Henrietta loves her backpack and heels set, so we are looking forward to following this brand as they continue to tell their story in colour and pattern that is such a delight to wear.