How To Wash Your Dishes Sustainably: Plastic-Free Dish Brushes

With more and more information coming out about the massive consequences of plastic, we’ve been trying hard to cut down our use of it, including in the kitchen.

plastic free eco-friendly dish brushes.JPG

Why care about using plastic kitchen cleaning items?

Every time we wash synthetic sponges and cloths, tiny pieces of plastic known as microfibres wash off and enter our waterways - eventually making their way to the ocean. This then causes havoc for marine creatures who ingest them.

And they’re not the only ones impacted. Humans end up consuming microplastics too, whether it be from eating fish, sea salt or even drinking tap water (or potentially beer!).

Eco-friendly alternatives

Happily, there are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic dish clothes, sponges and brushes. Here’s what I’ve discovered recently, and am now using:

  • EcoStore Dish Brush: For standard dishwashing (to replace synthetic sponges).

    • Made from a sustainably-sourced beech wood handle + vegetable fibre bristles. You can also buy separate replaceable heads.

  • Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber: to replace the nylon pot scrubber.

    • Made ethically in Sri Lanka from coconut fibre.

  • Full Circle Organic Cotton Dish Cloth: to replace microfibre cloths or “disposable” cloths.

    • Made from 100% organic cotton.

organic cotton eco friendly kitchen cloth.png