Sunshine, Linen and Flowers // Bedroom The Label

Is there anything like the feeling of linen on a warm, dreamy day? Come summertime, I’m always reaching for it in my wardrobe.

Ethically made linen jumpsuit by Bedroom The Label. Made to order in Melbourne, Australia.

Why love linen?

It’s a natural fibre, so it breathes when you wear it, keeping you cool and comfortable. It also means that garments are biodegradable at the end of their life, and don’t release microplastics into our waterways when washed (as synthetic fibres do). Linen is made from flax (yup, the same plant that gives us those wonderful nourishing seeds that can replace eggs in vegan baking), which can be grown with very little water and pesticides (unlike conventional cotton).

Plus, linen just looks and feels amazing.

100% linen jumpsuit by Bedroom The Label. Made ethically in Melbourne, Australia.

This linen jumpsuit is made by Bedroom The Label. An Australian slow fashion label to love.
All of their pieces are handmade to order in their Fitzroy, Melbourne studio. Bedroom use sustainably-minded materials such as deadstock, natural and organic fabrics.

Ethically-made, sustainable fashion brands in Australia. Feature by Future King & Queen - ethical, eco-friendly fashion blog.

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Photographer @lianafilmx