Holiday Hairstyles for a Glamorous NYE


It's so very nearly time to say hello to a brand new year,

so perhaps it's as perfect a time as any to try 

a new hairstyle for NYE.

After all, it is the

most wonderfully glamorous

night of the year.



Braided Chignon

If you have long hair, braiding it into a low chignon 

creates a very Grecian Goddess, I just threw-this-together, kinda look,

which we rather love for an evening to be filled with Champagne & kisses. 


Star Comb

Tucking an extra-long comb edged with sparkly stars into a

loose French Roll, created with half a side of hair,

and letting the other half side sweep down loosely

creates a very simple hairstyle to accentuate a gown with a stunning back detail.

(Star comb from Free People here.)

Beribboned Ponies

Predicted by many to make a huge appearance in 2016,

let's start the year of in style with a narrow velvet ribbon twirled amongst 

a long, polished ponytail - set low at the nape of the neck for a sophisticated effect.

You'll need a generous length of ribbon to create aplomb. 

Explore your local haberdashery store to get 1 metre lengths of velvet and satin ribbon,

or hunt down vintage ribbons in antique markets for old lace.

Fresh Flower Garland

Weaving fresh flowers into a circular headband 

is one of the prettiest ways to add a touch of fragrance to the evening.

You can make your own by wiring flowers and greenery from the garden

onto a simple wire loop,

or you can purchase a freshly made one,

like this lavender garland from Sydney's Summer Blossom studio here.


Make it a happy new year

for the animals too!

Whichever hair style you choose, 

there are now a myriad of fabulous hair products available

which are cruelty-free and nourish beautiful shiny hair.

To make sure your products are really cruelty-free,

always check the brand/product

on the ChooseCrueltyFree or Cruelty Free International 

websites first.

Image credit :: top // braided chignon // long ribboned ponytails // hair salon //