Amsterdam Vegan Food Guide

There are certainly no shortage of places to get great vegan food in Amsterdam! On my recent visit to this beautiful city, I also learnt that you don't need to specially seek out vegetarian or vegan restaurants to have a delicious meal there (which is super convenient)!

Here are a few of my favourite Amsterdam vegan-friendly cafes, stores and restaurants. Some of them I'd researched beforehand, whilst others I just stumbled upon by chance. Hope you enjoy! xx Henrietta



Roots is an organic cafe, which sells a variety of plant-based burgers, salads, smoothies, juices & desserts. I enjoyed a delicious beetroot + quinoa burger here, which came with butternut squash, spinach and lots of creamy orange tahini sauce.

The store fit-out is gorgeous and fun (you walk up a tiny spiral staircase/ladder to the upstairs seated area), and the staff were lovely. They even recommended some great and lesser known Amsterdam places to visit (including Amsterdam Noord.. stay tuned for that blog post!).


Locations + Website:



SLA quickly became one of my favourite places for a healthy, nourishing and delicious bowl of goodness. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I ate some of the best salads of my life there! Each dish had so much flavour and freshness, and the dressings were quite interesting too (think black truffle paste with wine vinegar & parsley, or the grapefruit, orange, tahini, tumeric & coriander). Yum!

This place is not entirely vegan, but there are many vegan options (including veg-chicken!) and they're all clearly marked with a happy little 'V' sign. In addition to salads, SLA also serve seasonal soups, breads, smoothies & juices and vegan desserts.


Location: Several, see here.



What a fun place this is! YAY is an organic, raw vegan food store, which also sells eco-friendly and consciously-made products, as well as offering yoga classes.

The vibe here is dreamy and a little quirky, and the store is located nearby the iconic Albert Cuyp street market, which sells fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, prepared food, flowers, clothing and more.

I visited YAY for lunch and tried a raw Harvest Vegetable Quiche, which was made from pumpkin, beets, apple & carrots, as well as nuts, seeds and buckwheat. It was presented so beautifully, and I loved that the herbal tea came with a cute little raw cookie!


Location: Gerard Doustraat 74, 1072 VV Amsterdam




If you're vegan and in Amsterdam, this place is absolutely not to be missed! Vegabond is an entirely vegan grocery store, which also operates a small cafe serving lunch and tasty treats.

I bought an absolutely divine cashew-based ricotta cheese from here, which was layered around green pesto in the middle. (I'm definitely inspired to try making this cheese at home!) You can find several vegan cheese and dairy alternatives in this store, as well as tofu, veg-meats, ready made meals, chocolates and more.

The cafe may have been small, but everything I had from it was great! The hummus and veggie wrap was fresh and came jam-packed with fillings, and those little raw chocolates were almost too pretty to eat!


Location: Leliegracht 16, 1015 DE Amsterdam


Juice Brothers


There are certainly no shortage of juice bars in this city! If you're into healthy foods then Amsterdam will leave you spoilt for choice.

Juice Brothers has several outlets throughout the city, and you can also find their cold-pressed juices on the menu of some cafes.

I had a great green smoothie from here, as well as a yummy banana chocolate oat bar for an afternoon snack. They have an extensive selection of take away juices, tonics, dairy-free milks, smoothies and various healthy vegan snacks.


Location: Several, see here.



Soup en Zo


Sometimes you just want a hot, comforting bowl of soup to warm your soul. When this happens, Soup en Zo have got you covered. There are a few different sized bowls you can choose from, so it's a handy place to head to whether you're after a quick snack or a full sized meal.

As you can see above, there were several vegan soups on offer when I visited, so I imagine this would often be the case. There are also fresh salads to choose from, which were all vegan.


Locations: Several, see here.

Candy Freaks


If candy is your thing, then make sure you check out Candy Freaks - a store with quite an extensive selection of vegan sweets, available for bulk purchase. Here you can find items like vegan sour worms, gummy bears, hard candies, marshmallows and chocolates.

Note that not everything here is vegan, but items are clearly marked and the staff were also very knowledgable on what was vegan. Gluten-free candies were clearly marked too.


Locations: Nieuwe Hoogstraat 4 A, 1011 HE Amsterdam



Marqt is like a cross between a health food store and a gourmet supermarket. Here you can find a wide selection of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, wholefoods items, soy products and other vegan dairy and meat alternatives.

Several of their preprepared meals appeared to be vegan, and there was also a large selection of veg-friendly snacks.

These stores have quite interesting fit-outs, so I'd recommend visiting one for this alone if you enjoy interior design. Just be aware that payment is by card only, no cash.


Location: Several, see here.


Other Suggestions:
Places I Walked Passed But didn't get a chance to Try

Golden Temple


This all vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant offers a range of Indian, Asian and Mediterranean style dishes. Apparently you get to enjoy your meal seated on cushions on the floor.. how charming! 

I walked past this place after I'd just eaten, but if I'd had more time in Amsterdam I would've loved to try some of their food, as they had some really interesting menu items - including a grilled spelt bread panini with pear, cinnamon, rucula and dark chocolate.
There were also several vegan wraps, salads, soups, power balls and smoothies to choose from.

This was another of the many health food & juice bars I passed. Here you could choose from several vegan smoothies, cold-pressed juices, soups, healthy treats and other drinks.
I spotted a cacao hot chocolate made with house cashew milk which sounded particularly good, as well as an iced coconut milk vanilla coffee.

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Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam, or perhaps you've been previously and have got your own favourites too? Let us know in the comments, or connect with us on Instagram or Facebook - we always love to chat!

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