Amsterdam Eco, Fair + Vegan Fashion: Geitenwollenwinkel

How lovely is it to be able to walk into a clothing store and know that everything in it has been made ethically, without the exploitation of workers or animals, and with an importance placed on environmental sustainability?

This is exactly what you get when you walk into Geitenwollenwinkel in Amsterdam, as I did a few weeks ago.


So what’s in the name.. what on earth does it mean?

The lovely two sisters - Abigail and Lavinia Bakker - behind this concept store told me that it doesn’t really translate into English, but it’s a Dutch expression which references a stereotype of idealistic, daggy, hippies who wear goat's wool socks with Birkenstock sandals.

In a tongue-and-cheek kind of way, they wanted to rebel against the classical vegan stereotype of old, and show the world that sustainable, ethical fashion is anything but daggy!

(And no don’t worry, you won’t find any goat’s wool in their store either [or sheep’s wool for that matter!])


Geitenwollenwinkel stock brands that use eco-friendly materials such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, tencel, hemp, up-cycled fabric and more.

When I visited their lovely store I bought a MUD knitted blue jumper made from up-cycled jeans material (which I have been living in as it super warm and comfortable)!

I also bought an Armed Angels organic cotton black pleated skirt and a yoga-perfect sweater by their house brand Geiten Wollen Shirts (made from organic cotton + tencel).

In addition to clothes, Geitenwollenwinkel also stock a range of shoes, bags, scarves, cosmetics and lifestyle items.


If you’re visiting Amsterdam, we'd definitely recommend checking this store out. The girls will also be able to suggest some yummy local veggie restaurants for you to try.
(One of my favourite places to grab a delicious, nourishing salad or soup - SLA - is just a few doors down!)

If you're not headed to the Netherlands anytime soon, you can still shop online, as Geitenwollenwinkel deliver all over Europe, the US and Australia.


Address: Utrechtsestraat 37, 1017 VH - Amsterdam


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