5 vegan bags from brands that you may not have heard of ... yet.

We love discovering new (to us) vegan brands, and when we find them, we reckon it's fun and helpful to share them with you, because while there are a handful of very well-known vegan handbag brands (like Mat & Nat), it's nice to support the little brands too. 

Here's a roundup of 5 vegan hand bags from brands that we have recently come across, all of which have really caught our eye with their stylish designs, but which also tick the ethically made boxes too. 

1: Leni Penn


Hand made in the USA using all vegan materials, these colourful, classic tote bags have a clever design which allows them to adapt from a rectangular tote to a smaller, triangular tote. 

Available in a range of classic colours, they have textured patterns in the vegan leather and all feature multiple interior pockets. 

Apart from being gorgeous, for every bag sold, Leni Penn donates a backpack to a child or a purse to a working mother in need. We love that. 

2: Kweder

Kweder is an Italian handbag and shoe brand, which is fully vegan, with a small but thoughtful range.

We particularly love the matching shoe and bag options - using the same colours and patterns, like this sky blue Cubbaita sandal and matching handbag made from Alcantara (vegan) suede. 

Wouldn't it be elegant to combine these matching items with a white linen dress & straw hat? Or a pair of jeans & linen shirt - perfect for summer. 

Founded by 3 Italian sisters, Kweder is accredited by PETA. 

All products are made in Sicily, Italy.

3: Von Holzhausen

While not a vegan company, Von Holzhausen makes a range of vegan bags from Technik-leather. The brand claims that 99% of solvents used in processing the Technik-leather are recaptured and recycled. So while they do, sadly, also make leather bags, we thought it's worth including them in our roundup as the vegan Technik bags are something quite progressive, and of course, we're all for advancing materials away from the old animal-based model.

The interesting aspect of this brand is that it was founded by automotive designer Vicki von Holzhausen, who worked for Audi and Mercedes Benz in Europe before returning home to Los Angeles to pursue her namesake company, focussing on creating a luxury product with a sustainable ethic. We'd love to see all their products vegan, and judging by this gorgeous bag, it won't be hard for the world to fall in love with quality vegan handbags. 

We love the slouchy, soft yet architectural lines of these shopper bags, which are offered in blue, black and white. The drawstring strap converts the bag from a shoulder bag to a cross body. 

Made in the USA. 

4: Ad Bag

Beginning life as a billboard ad and transitioning into a handy, colourful shopper bag is perhaps the dream of every giant advert. It's a clever use of a commodity that is, by its very nature, transient, and yet made from a material that is tough and flexible: nylon. 

Made in the USA, the bags are a random assortment, so when you order, who knows what ad or colours you will get on your bag - and therein lies half the fun. 

Available though Alchemy Goods. 

5: VElove 

Hong Kong based VElove is a vegan accessories brand producing cruelty-free handbags, wallets and bracelets in high quality materials. All the bags are lined with fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and they utilise materials with an eco focus, such as MuSkin (made from mushrooms), natural cork and water based Polyurethane imported from the US. 

Accredited with PETA, VElove go further with their love for animals, as 10% of net profit is donated to Animals Asia (who are working to free, and stop, the bile-bear trade). 

We particularly love that there are subtle animal silhouettes embossed on the bags, from rabbits, birds, cats & dogs to bears - as they say "to spread the message of love animals". 

Keeping Things Transparent:

We weren't paid to write this review, nor to mention these brands in this post. 
As always, we are keen to support small businesses with ethics & great products, who are providing fabulous vegan options.