Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

After learning about the impacts of the modern fashion industry on the planet and its inhabitants, I knew my shopping habits had to change.

Clothing has become so cheap, that we no longer value it fairly. We'll buy that $30 dress or t-shirt that we'll probably never wear, because hey it's so cheap, so who cares?

This mass consumption mindset though has lead us to a point where today, the fashion industry is the world's second largest polluter. Cotton accounts for 18% of worldwide pesticide use and 25% of insecticide use*. And then there's unsafe and unfair conditions that garment factory workers so often encounter in developing nations (where most of our clothing comes from).

* Statistics from the True Cost Movie

Thankfully though, there are an increasing number of fashion labels who passionately want to do better. They value workers rights, animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

This brings me to today's fair fashion outfit:

A navy dress from Armed Angels


I first discovered and came to love this ethical clothing label when I was traveling in Berlin a few months ago, and I kept seeing it pop up in fair fashion stores there. No wonder - their pieces are lovely.

ARMED ANGELS is based in Germany and emphasises organic textiles and fair working conditions throughout the entire production chain (from cotton farmers in India, to sewers and designers in Europe).
It works with organisations like Fairtrade, Fair Wear Foundation and Global Organic Textile Standard, to uphold and constantly improve its ethical practices.

This navy dress is made from organic cotton and tencel (lyocell - a natural & sustainable material, with a closed loop production cycle [the solvent is used over and over again]).

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Outfit details (vegan, eco & ethical): navy dress by ARMED ANGELS | heels from Vegan Style (purchased several years ago. Similar here) | upcycled artillery shell necklace by SAUGHT, purchased from Only Just (fairtrade + handmade store in Eltham, Melbourne) | makeup from INIKA & Furless Cosmetics.