Sustainable Runways : Undress Runways Melbourne

Undress Runways is an annual event which showcases sustainable clothing in a series of runways held in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne. 

We went along to the Melbourne event last week, and were delighted with the quality and breadth of design which is beginning to address the issue of sustainability. 

Some garments were made from organic cotton and bamboo fibre, or were dyed with red wine and turmeric; some were made with zero waste pattern cutting, others used recycled fabrics or up cycled vintage clothes. Most were made in Australia - some were made in Fair Trade conditions in Bali. 

We would love to see a whole runway of these types of garments which are also totally animal-free (which in our opinion is what "Ethical Fashion" should also refer to) but it's a pretty good indication that we are heading in the right direction - with some absolutely stunning outfits floating over the catwalk. 

For more information about Undress Runways, see their website here