Fashion: Vegan Shoes with a Heart

Choose a colour to choose a charity, or choose a charity to choose a colour. Whichever you choose, these towering high heels are giving back to the community. 

That's the philosophy behind The Glow Brand, who produce these brightly coloured heels in 10 different colours - with each colour representing a donation to a specific charity. 

We especially love the aqua blue versions, because the purchase price includes a donation to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (and because it's such a gorgeous summery tone of blue). 

Other colours are linked with charities which support children's foundations, conservation trusts and support homes for victims of domestic violence. 

Made in Italy from TPU*, with a rubber (non-slip) outer sole and a stainless steel heel support, the shoes are available online here or through various stores in Europe and the US. To find your closest stockists, check here.

Future Fabric note:

* TPU or Thermoplastic PolyUrethane is a class of polyurethane plastic with a high resistance to grease, oil and abrasion, which can be recycled over and over. The scraps can also be reprocessed into new extrusions, which makes it a popular choice for footwear, laptop cases, mobile phone covers and medical devices, etc. The material has elastic properties, which makes it a comfortable choice for footwear.