Sustainable fashion meets luxury in Alexandra K's new handbag collection

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With interest in sustainable fashion continuing to rise, it's really quite exciting seeing the constant developments in eco-conscious materials.

What if we told you that the handbags you see here are made from quartz sand, pineapple leaves and recycled materials?

Alexandra K have just released a new range of chic, vegan-friendly accessories that champion sustainable fabrics.

We're a little smitten with them...

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Handbags made from quartz sand, pineapple leaves and recycled materials.

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If you haven't come across them before, Alexandra K are an accessories label that seek to bring luxurious, designer fashion to the vegan world. The brand is the brain child of designer Alexandra Kościkiewicz, and their pieces are handmade in limited quantities in their workshop in Poland.

Their latest collection features innovative materials, which are kind to animals and the environment. We're talking Freedom-Leather -  made of 100% silicone, a unique, non-plastic, non-petroleum based material derived from common element quartz sand. Its production is less taxing on natural resources, and requires less water, raw material, and electricity to produce than PU and PVC.

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The fabrics also include Peace-Suede & Peace-Leather - made with recycled nylon chips, recycled PU resin and recycled PET; and Pinatex - made from pineapple leaves, a bi-product of the fruit harvest. Glues used are also plant-based and not tested on animals.

What do you think - are you a fan of the collection?

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