Menswear: finding vegan ties

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Finding a tie not made from silk is relatively easy if you go down the polyester route. But what if you are trying to avoid fabrics made from synthetic (plastic) fibres in order to have a smaller ecological detriment to the planet, but don't want a tie made from animal fibres like wool or silk? And you also want to know that your tie has been fairly made, by people who are paid for the true cost of their intricate work?

Happily, there are options out there - and stylish ones too. Look for natural fibres like cotton, hemp or linen, which are not only kinder to the animals, but have a beautiful hand feel to them.

Ideally, organic botanical fibres are best, so they have less ecological impact on the area where they are grown, and are kinder to the people making both the fibres and the garments. Additionally, they are better for the wearer to use, without pesticide residue present on the finished garment - so it's a win/win all around. But even conventionally grown cotton means there is less demand for plastic products, meaning less micro-plastics ending up in the ocean and waterways - so that's a definite plus for the planet and her creatures. 

Scroll through to see some ties that prove being kind can equal being stylish at the office, at the beach - anywhere! 

linen+ cotton ties from otaa

  • Melbourne based luxury menswear brand.

  • These linen ones are not only kind to animals and the planet, they are slick!

  • Not all OTAA ties are vegan, (use the selection boxes to find the ones that are) but there's a great range of linen + cotton ones.

  • Matching pocket squares, 

  • Free delivery within Australia, UK, USA, Canada & NZ and shipping worldwide. 


Cotton Ties from Jann J

  • All ties from Jann J are vegan.

  • They started as a cruelty free luxury alternative to silk ties.

  • These ties are from the new Cotton range, which we are excited about, featuring bold checks and plain colours.

  • Californian based, and ship world wide. Free international shipping for goods over $100. 


Embroidered Linen Ties from Pomp & Circumstance

  • Hand made in the USA in limited runs. 
  • Haute Collection made from linen with hand embroidery detail.
  • Found Collection uses deadstock, salvage or vintage cottons to reduce waste.
  • Ship world wide. 
  • For the person who values exquisite quality and detail, this is something quite unique.

organic Hemp Ties from Rawganique

  • Made from organically grown European hemp.

  • Made in Europe in sweatshop free conditions. 

  • Herringbone weave to enhance the texture. 

  • Free shipping within USA and Canada.

  • Ship world wide. 

Header image via HhAM.