Bags & Wallets Made From Seatbelts

What a fantastic concept: taking used seatbelts and up-cycling them into stunning accessories. These creations really are gorgeous in their own right, but they also happen to be sustainable, vegan and hard-wearing (after all, the material was originally designed to protect passengers from harm)!


These eco-chic accessories are handmade in Melbourne by Interrobang, and you can find them at the gorgeous new ethical online store Velvety. This brand new Melbourne based store is the brainchild of a friend, Lorena, a super-passionate bubble of loveliness who sources products which are cruelty-free, beautiful and unique. (We're excited to share more of her interesting accessories, clothing, handmade candles and cosmetics with you soon - because she has an eye for the unusual.) 

These wallets and bags are something completely different and unexpected - turning everyday, utilitarian items into beautifully re-imagined elegant creations.
It's also fun to ponder the material's past life: who would the seatbelts previously have kept safe and snug? And now they're keeping your money and possessions safe and snug!

The design of the tote bag and wallet is practical, too. The tote bag has 2 internal pockets, a zip closure, as well as a fold over "belt" at the top. The wallet has 2 zippered compartments for coins, a generous 16 card slots and 2 internal pockets. 

We are also smitten with the evening clutch from the same range - we can imagine it's something Grace Kelly may have worn, with its retro-shape and modern material. 

With their eye-catching designs, these creations invite comment and have a story to tell wherever they go. 


If you would like one of these sleek, eco chic accessories, you can get yours with 15% off using the code FKQ15.

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