Luxury Faux Fur Coats: Pelush New York


Why am I wearing a faux fur coat with a bathing suit, at the beach?

Let me introduce you to Pelush Luxury Faux Furs, which are designed and hand crafted in New York City by the talented Anna Tagliabue.

We wanted to bring a touch of Australia to Anna's beautiful creation, and when we came across this striking Australian-made Jets swimsuit, it seemed as if the two were born for each other. 

Read on to learn more about Pelush...

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About Pelush

We were introduced to Pelush by the lovely Julia of Get Dressed Change The World, who we met with and instantly came to love on our trip to New York earlier this year. Having previously worked for Vogue, Julia is now using her creative talents to show the world how chic, glamorous and liberating vegan style can be.

Pelush is a perfect example of this. After 20 years of experience working with luxury fashion houses Fendi and Prada, Anna Tagliabue set forth on her own venture with Pelush to reposition the boundaries of faux fur: To create products which are incredibly beautiful, glamorous, unique and luxurious, without causing suffering to animals.

Anna believes that animal cruelty has no place in today's modern world of fashion. With the technologies we now have, real fur is no longer necessary, nor relevant nor cool. It is a thing of the past.

In Anna's words:

There is a collective awakening happening, a new conscious awareness, a REVOLUTION, and consumers are paying attention.

People are starting to ask how things are made, where they are made, and by who. They’re asking if it’s worth the price, is animal cruelty behind it, are children or workers being exploited, and if they’re willing to support these kinds of industries.

What's Next For Pelush?

Next week for New York Fashion Week, Anna will unveil her latest collection of luxury, cruelty-free faux furs, which will be entirely vegan and PETA-accredited.

To follow along with Anna's journey and her #ReFAUXlution, you can head to her Instagram or Facebook. We can't wait to see her new creations!! xx