A necklace from artillery shells

Unique handcrafted jewellery, with deep social impact: Saught


We are absolutely smitten with this graceful necklace, which was a recent birthday gift from mother to daughter. It is dainty and intricately detailed, but best of all is the story it tells.

It is made by Saught, a social business that makes jewellery with a difference. Their pieces are made using repurposed metal from artillery shells, recovered by de-mining organisations in post-conflict Cambodia.

Each piece is handcrafted by artisans in fair working environments - providing employment and training opportunities in developing countries like Cambodia.

The name Saught stems from its brand ambition to turn things of war into things of peace. The word ’saught’ is tied to the origins of words ‘peace' and 'reconciliation'.

Each of their jewellery creations tell a different story. This particular necklace pays homage to paper planes - symbols for childhood, freedom, hope and imagination.


As well as the necklace itself being lovely, we admire the way that it was packaged - in a neat little wooden box, with wax seal and explanation card.

The story behind it really does make it a pleasure to wear this necklace each time - being reminded of the good that can stem from unlikely situations. 

It is truly beautiful to know who made your possessions, that sustainable practices were involved, and that your purchase can make a positive impact on the world.

To us, and we hope to you too, this is the true meaning of luxury. This, we very much hope, is the future of fashion.

How to purchase:

Our necklace was purchased from Only Just - a store specialising in fair trade, handmade gifts in Eltham, Melbourne.

You can also purchase direct from Saught.