Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser LA

If you've been following our Instagram stories, you'll have noticed that Henrietta is currently in Los Angeles, having a fabulous time meeting like-minded kind people, checking out all the vegan eateries she can, and generally enjoying the summer sunshine and the laid back stylish vibe that is California. 


But the other little reason she's in LA right now, is to walk in the upcoming Fair Trade Fashion Show - a fundraiser to benefit Free The Slaves, whilst also starting that important conversation about Fair Fashion. Hosted by Bead & Reel, the event involves a curated fashion runway & eco-sessions panel discussions - with an enticing selection of vegan food and fair trade drinks. (I'm feeling a tiny bit jealous right about now....) 

“This unique fundraiser uses fashion as a platform for education and awareness around the realities of modern slavery as well as a space to celebrate the power of everyday purchases to support freedom.”

“This is not the fashion show if you just want to critique next season’s styles.

This is the fashion show if you want to critique our current policies, social norms, and the ways that we view and treat others.

This is the fashion show if you want to learn about how we can truly transform the world through what we wear - and then be a part of doing that.”
— Sica Schmitz, founder Bead & Reel ethical boutique

There's so much to admire about the woman behind this initiative: Sica Schmitz. As well as running Bead & Reel, an ethical boutique which stocks a covetable range of some seriously sexy clothes & accessories (all of which are fairly made & vegan), Sica manages to find time to be the Fashion Editor for Vilda Magazine, a board member for Fair Trade LA, a frequent public speaker, member of EcoSessions LA, and in between all that - she still occasionally works as a Hollywood Costume Designer (which is what she used to do before setting up her own ethical boutique). And to top off this list, this is the 3rd year she has hosted the Fair Trade Fashion Show. 
I secretly wonder if it's the vegan food that allows her to do so much???....

If you're anywhere near LA and can attend this cracker of a fashion show, then lucky you. Rumour has it that the show will be live streamed for those of us who are a little further away, so I'll be eagerly watching Henrietta and all the other wonderful models showcasing the clothes that Sica has curated. Because there's no doubt, it'll be fabulous.