Fair Fashion Outfit x Exploring Melbourne’s Laneway Street Art

One of my favourite things to do when exploring a new city is to check out some street art. Maybe that comes from growing up in a city like Melbourne, which is full of incredible pieces, and has copious laneways and backstreets brimming with it.

In all honestly, I often don’t really understand the pieces or derive their full meaning, and I could probably only tell you a few of the big street artist’s names.. but, I can appreciate their beauty, and the freedom & power of the art form all the same.

When I was in Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague and Budapest a few months ago, I toddled along on some ‘Alternative Walking Tours’, which all ended up being some of the highlights of my trip. They each included street art components, and the amount of insight they gave me into the city's cultural, historical and political landscapes was really fascinating.

Melbourne's ACDC lane... just ignore that beef sign..

Melbourne's ACDC lane... just ignore that beef sign..

This outfit was from a day spent exploring some of Melbourne’s magnificent street art and laneways, followed by delish curried potato and spinach rolls at one of our favourite vegan-friendly cafes in the CBD, at The Organic Food & Wine Deli.

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Atlantis Sandals by Olsensaus, from The V Spot
Colour Block Dress: American made,
organic cotton + bamboo fabric by Devinto, from
 The V Spot
Sienna handbag by Noah Italian Vegan Shoes, made in Italy