Eco + Minimalist Bedrooms To Dream About

In my endeavour to live a more minimalist lifestyle, I'm currently going through all of my possessions and downsizing where I can.

It has really got me questioning, why on earth do I have so much stuff?! Some items are easy enough to pass on to a new home, but others are much trickier. What do you do with items that you rarely use, but have sentimental value? Will I regret getting rid of something now, and wish for it down the track?

And then there's perhaps the worst part - how do I ensure the item doesn't just end up in landfill? Second hand stores receive so many donations nowadays, that they have to ship many items overseas to developing nations (where it often crushes local clothing manufacturers), or they just put items straight in the bin. Yikes!

This downsizing process just further affirms the idea in my head that we need to think so carefully before buying new things. Buy less, choose well. It's such a simple, but important rule to follow. I previously wrote a post on how to have a more ethical wardrobe, which includes several tips for you.

But anyway, on to today's topic..

I'm currently cleaning out and re-styling my bedroom, so I've been looking up inspiration on minimalistic and eco bedroom interiors. Some are so beautiful that I really had to share them with you. What do you think of them? What do you love about your own bedroom?

xx Henrietta

All image credits via Pinterest, here.