7 Men's Boots Brands Proving Vegan Fashion Is No Compromise To Style

Ethical. Sustainable. Cruelty-free.
These brands are showing the world that beautiful shoes have zero need for animal-derived materials.


1. Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois Boheme Vegan Boot in Black
Bourgeois Boheme Vegan Boot

London-based Bourgeois Boheme make state of the art luxury shoes, which are artisan made in Portugal from the finest eco-friendly Italian vegan leathers.

We can't get enough of this company's shoes (affectionately known as BoBos), as they are incredibly soft, well-crafted and elegant.

2. Noah


Noah shoes are made in Italy with the finest Italian craftsmanship.
The company emphasises responsible manufacturing that looks after the environment, animals and human health.

These beautiful blue boots are made using microsuede, which stand up to animal-derived suede in terms of breathability, softness and strength.

Unlike it though, microsuede doesn't get ruined when it's wet
 - a win for the wearer AND the animals!

3. Brave Gentleman


Brave Gentleman was founded by Brooklyn-based Joshua Katcher, an educator of sustainable + ethical fashion at Parsons The New School, and editor of The Discerning Brute - a mens vegan lifestyle blog.

His label produces mens shoes and apparel, with an emphasis on 'future fabrics', i.e. those that are not only more ethical and sustainable than leather, but are also superior to it.

These Visionary Boots are made in Portugal, using Italian-milled microfibre, and come in  Black, Blue, Camel and Patent.



Wills is a London-based company, with a dream to "bridge the gap between everyday people and ethically produced vegan shoes". We love this!

Their shoes are made ethically in Portugal, using Italian-sourced microfibre.
(Are you beginning to see a trend here?)

They also make several of their boots in kids sizes, so papa and son can be matching
- adorable.

5. Good Guys Don't Wear Leather

Good Guys Vegan Boots

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather was the first vegan French brand dedicated to shoes.

Much of their range can be worn by both men and women,
and are sold in sizes EU 36-46
(yes, you and your partner can be matching too).

Their shoes are designed in Paris,
and made in Portugal in a sweat-shop free environment.
(Portugal, you are our latest hero).

6. Nicora

Nicora shoes are artisan made in the USA, using luxury fabrics woven from recycled plastics and textiles, as well as new age leather alternatives.

The brand was founded by Stephanie Nicora, a third generation shoe maker, who was inspired by the sense of community of old American shoe towns.

These Sinclair Canvas boots come in waxed brown, red and black.

7. NAE

NAE are a Portuguese vegan shoe manufacturer who focus on cutting edge materials. 

NAE are a Portuguese vegan shoe manufacturer who focus on cutting edge materials. 

And last, but certainly not least,
one of our favourite shoe brands: NAE. 

This Portuguese vegan shoe brand both designs & manufactures in Portugal,
and we particularly love the fact that they are constantly on the hunt
for new developments in fibres & textiles which are more environmentally focussed,
and keen to introduce them into their shoe line as much as possible. 

Pictured above is a great example of this forward thinking, their Etna boot in
the innovative Pinatex material (made from pineapple leaves).  

These beautiful boots just go to show, living a compassionate, sustainable lifestyle is most certainly no sacrifice these days!