6 vegan running shoes for women

With a change of season in the air, it's time to update our runners, so we have been hunting for vegan friendly options. 

Actually, we were pleasantly surprised to find there are loads more to choose from than a few years ago, a reflection perhaps not just of the increased interest in animal-friendly fashion, but also because future fabrics generally perform better than their older, animal based fore-runners. 

Most running shoes, from the majority of brands, are now made without leather, because synthetics are lighter and more breathable. But they can still be made with animal-derived glue.

All Asics shoes with an "n" in the product code are vegan - which makes it easy. 

And we're also a bit smitten with the new Kismet runners from the B Corp certified Newton Running company - so there's a focus on delivering environmental, ethical and social high standards - something which we are very passionate about at The Future King & Queen.

Click below in the gallery to find 6 colourful runners which are all fully vegan - no leather and no animal-derived glue.