Vilda Magazine Feature // Vegan Models Share Their Thoughts On Vegan Fashion

Vegan Models Share Their Thoughts On Vegan Fashion - Vilda Magazine Feature
"There are still a lot of people out there who consider animal products such as fur, leather, silk and wool to be luxurious. I don’t blame them – I used to think the same. But I don’t believe it’s the notion of wearing a dead animal that’s covetable (I sure hope not!). I think that society and branding have taught most of us to covet these things, and also that many fashion items of beauty throughout history have often been made from such materials.
Knowing what we now do about animal agriculture and its devastating impacts, coupled with our current (and ever-improving) advances in plant-based and other non-animal materials, there really is no reason for us to still make products from animals".

Over on Vilda Magazine, an online vegan fashion mag, I'm joining three other vegan fashion models as we share our thoughts on compassionate fashion.

Lead image by Aislin Fall.
Vegan Outfit Details: Elsa T-Bars by Zette Shoes (made ethically in Spain) from Vegan Style // Handbag made from Piñatex (upcycled pineapple leaf fibres) by Alexandra K (made ethically in Poland).