Mirabelle Fair Trade Jewellery // Meet The Maker

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Mirabelle Jewellery is the story of the daughter of a Parisian silversmith - Veronique Henry - whose passion for jewellery-making was born from discovering nature and diverse cultures around the world.

Based in the UK, Mirabelle specialise in handmade, fair trade and unique jewellery, made with love and soul. Their pieces are made mostly by fair trade suppliers around the world, as well as a collection that’s handmade in Britain.

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Mirabelle sent me these divine Honeycomb earrings with Amazonite stones, styled here with ethically-made clothing by R E M U S E and Not Perfect Linen (full outfit details at end of post).

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We chatted with Mirabelle founder Veronique about her story…

What inspires you when creating your pieces?
“Nature does inspire me and everything around me. I also love medieval, greek and Byzantine periods”.

Why is fair trade jewellery important?
Because you then know that people are well treated”. Veronique passionately feels that everyone involved in producing the pieces need to be happy and fairly treated, as this energy transmits through to the jewellery itself.

What does a typical day look like for you?
It varies, it can be designing, taking care of the website, going to see customers or having them in our office, dealing with suppliers and customers. We are a small team so it’s pretty much hands on for everyone”.

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Are their particular materials you think people should be looking towards for their jewellery? And why?
“Brass is the obvious as it is less costly and it looks like gold at a fraction of the price. When it eventually fades it takes a lovely vintage patina since brass is under and it is yellow so all is good”.

What’s one piece of advice you’d like to pass on to others?
“Always do what you love to do and have faith. Take feedback from your friends, customers and listen. Listen to your intuition as well that will lead you to the right place”.

If you could get on a plane right now and go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
“I probably would go to Australia where my son lives….. and would stop in Bali to see my friends,,,, but I will do this soon, I usually travel well and where I want, so I feel blessed”.

What is your favourite Mirabelle piece at the moment?
“The crystal ball, laughing in January. It is very tactile and magic”.

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Gold plated Honeycomb earrings with Amazonite by Mirabelle Jewellery // fair trade, hand made.

Blue linen jumpsuit & scarf by Not Perfect Linen // transparent, sustainable practices and ethical approach. Handsewn in-house with OEKO-TEX certified European linen.

All other clothing by R E M U S E // made in Melbourne, fusing artisan techniques, low-impact dye technology & natural, vegan fibres. GOTS certified organic materials, deconstructed and recycled fabrics.

Lyon drawstring vegan-suede handbag by Filbert // cruelty-free, made ethically in the USA.