Mens Fashion Inspiration // Texture on Texture in Navy Blue

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High quality menswear

which is ethical? You bet

If there's a colour that is both IN fashion, as well as never OUT of fashion, it's blue. 

Especially in men's wear offerings. Because, let's face it, it's pretty much the world's favourite colour. Hard to think of a man who doesn't look good in blue? Yep, we reckon so too. 

So we've put together an outfit which uses blue as the constant element, but brings in lots and lots of different textures to add a depth and richness. 

And the best bit? All of these items are cruelty free. The tie & hankie pocket square are both made from linen, while the man bag is made from smart felt (animal-free future fabric). The shoes are from the UK based Bourgeois Boheme, which means they are hand made in Portugal from high quality animal-free materials. The wrist watch is a bit of a talking point and an eye-catcher, not just because of the handsome lines, but because it's made from American Maple wood. The textured check jacket is linen/cotton - which means it breathes and always looks classy with the tactile deliciousness that only linen can give.