Eco Friendly Greeting Cards, Calendars + Stationary: Earth Greetings

We recently stocked up on stationary for the work and uni year,
and in our search came across Earth Greetings,
who specialise in the most divine planet-friendly prints.


Earth Greetings emphasises sustainability in all that it does, like choosing the most environmentally-friendly printers,
who use minimal water & electricity, and opt for vegetable based inks. 

Their products are printed in Australia on 100% post-consumer recycled paper,
using vegetable based ink.


Their packaging is also all biodegradable, and is kept to a minimum.

Having said that, there's still a whole lot of love put into it.
Our little bundle of goodies was wrapped up like a present - 
and it was such a delight to unwrap!


We really love the celebration of nature in their products,
like their Inaluxe design studio collaboration range,
which includes cards, journals & diaries adorned with stunning wildlife prints.


How lovely are these eco gift cards of theirs too!


Give me, give me you say?

Well the good news is that these guys ship world wide.
So no one need miss out. Hurray!

Note: This post is not sponsored by Earth Greetings - we just love their planet friendly, nature focused products, and are happy to give them some love 😀