Review: Inika (fur free) makeup brushes

A good set of makeup brushes is as important  to a flawless finish as good brushes are to a house painter. A good brush will make application easier, hold onto the product without dripping/dropping and give a more even result.

Most makeup brushes are made from animal fur (squirrel, mink, sable) - or hair (horse or goat). Lots of people are horrified at the thought of wearing fur, but don't realise their makeup brushes are made from the same thing.

Apart from the animal cruelty aspect, if you think about it, animal fur contains dead skin cells, is porous and holds onto bacteria - do you really want that on your skin?

Luckily, there are lots of high quality fur-free alternatives.

If you follow our Instagram feed, you'll know that we are great fans of the Inika range of cruelty-free, organic makeup.

Aside from the ethics credentials, the quality of the products are reason alone to use them - because they achieve a flawless finish while still allowing the skin to breathe.

We have used their mineral foundation and award-winning (fur free) Kabuki brush for many years, but recently ordered the limited edition full set of Inika brushes, which come in their own little roll holder. Having used them for a week or so, what's the verdict? And are they better than our Hourglass eyeshadow brushes? 


What's the Verdict?

Ye gods - they are fantastic! If anybody ever tells you it's impossible to get a silky soft, fluffy synthetic brush, just wave these little fellows over their hand, and they'll be speechless. The blush brush in particular is a standout, and makes applying mineral blush an even affair. We still love the Hourglass brushes, but these give a better finish.

The brushes include:
~ eyebrow brush & comb
~ precision angle brush
~ lip brush
~ eye shadow brush
~ angle & eyeliner brush
~ liquid foundation brush
~ blush brush


The black canvas roll holder forms a stylishly neat home for all 8 vegan brushes, and will be perfect for travel. It feels like a quality construction - like the brushes themselves - and we love things which are made to last. 

The Professional Vegan Brush Roll is a limited edition, and is fabulous value compared with either buying them singly, or with our Hourglass brushes. 

Inika Professional Vegan Brush Roll is available direct from Inika here

These cosmetics brands also offer high quality fur-free vegan brushes:

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