Men's Ethical +
Vegan Clothing


Want beautiful clothes that are made ethically and are kind to animals + the environment? Yes please!

Here is a growing collection of some of our favourite vegan friendly, fair, eco and sustainably minded labels for men.

Why not choose to make the world a kinder place each time we shop? ♡

Everyday Clothes

  • Armed Angels: German-based, fair trade fashion label. Uses organic + recycled textiles. Great for affordable, everyday clothing.
  • Dorsu: made in-house in Cambodia from recycled clothing remnants, helping fund local community projects. Garments are hand-signed by their makers.
  • Etiko: range of fair trade, organic cotton t-shirts & hoodies, as well as underwear, canvas sneakers and natural rubber thongs.
  • Kuyichi: jeans, shirts, tees, jumpers & coats made from organic cotton & recycled polyester. Fair Wear foundation certified.
  • MUD Jeans: this dutch denim brand is awesome. Not only are their clothes made with organic cotton, but they work on a circular model, so if you no longer wear your MUD jeans, you can send them back to be upcycled. They're PETA approved vegan (as they don't use leather tags) and you can even rent their jeans! MUD also make men's shirts, jumpers and beanies (made from recycled jeans). Henrietta has one of their women's recycled jeans jumpers and loves it!
  • Thought (formerly Braintree): this label is helping to make hemp cool! It has a range of men's shirts, tees, pants, socks & accessories, made from natural, organic & recycled materials (including hemp and organic cotton).
  • Vege Threads: range of organic cotton basics, made in Australia. (Ethical Clothing Australia certified).

Formalwear & Suits

  • Brave Gentleman: NYC based label making ethical suits, coats, everyday apparel, shoes and other accessories for men. Uses eco materials such as organic cotton and recycled textiles. 100% vegan + vegan owned.

Underwear, Socks & PJs

  • Conscious Step: socks that create positive social change, with different patterns funding different causes (such as HIV, world hunger, clean oceans, education + more). Made with fair trade + GOTS certified organic cotton.
  • Etiko: makers of Fair Trade, organic cotton underwear, t-shirts, hoodies and canvas shoes, as well as natural rubber thongs.
  • Thought (formerly Braintree): as well as clothing, this sustainably focussed label has a range of men's underwear and socks (made from a blend of bamboo + organic cotton).

Cosy Coats & Jackets

  • Brave Gentleman: NYC designed and made, using organic and recycled materials.
  • HoodLamb: started in the early 90's, this brand are on a mission to create a fashion revolution in outerwear using cruelty-free and eco materials (such as hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester).
  • Lovjoi: sewn in Southern Germany in their own workshop, using environmentally conscious materials. This label also provides work to Syrian refugees.
  • Vaute: a label dedicated to vegan and environmentally conscious fashion. Their coats are made in NYC using recycled and organic materials.


Keeping Things Transparent:
Some of these links above are affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission if you decide to support the brand. (Bloggers have bills too!)
Using these links won't cost you anymore, and we'll never recommend a brand to you that we don't love ourselves. As always, we are keen to support small businesses with ethics & great products, who are providing fabulous vegan options. 

Lead image credit: HoodLamb Clothing