Vegan Bags & Accessories Guide


Handbags, purses,
satchels, wallets & belts
that are fabulous + also kind to animals?
Oh yes!

Here is a growing collection of some of our favourite vegan friendly,
ethically made and sustainably minded accessories labels.

Why not choose to make the world a kinder place each time we shop? ♡


About these brands:

  • Alexandra K: designed + made in Poland, Europe. These are excellent quality, and each of these limited edition bags come with their own unique number. This brand also has some Pinatex (pineapple leaf fibre) styles.

  • Angela Roi: American based, made in Korea. We love the elegance of these bags, and their excellent quality material. (Learn more in our AR review).

  • Crystalyn K: designed + made in NYC, these distinctively elegant bags are crafted with waxed cotton canvas. (Note, this designer also makes some reclaimed animal leather bags, so stay clear of these styles if you'd prefer to).

  • Filbert: designed in San Francisco and made in New York City, this luxe vegan handbag label launched earlier this year, and we're already smitten!

  • Gunas: New York based, made in Korea. Cute, colourful and fun designs.

  • HFS Collective (formerly Hipsters for Sisters): there is a LOT to love about this brand. Founded by a mother daughter team (just like us!), these bags are designed to free women from their luggage (yay for female empowerment). HFS Collective's bags are all made in Los Angeles, using sustainable materials such as recycled fibres, organic cotton and natural hemp.

  • Lee Coren: handcrafted by the designer herself in Israel, using 100% vegan materials. 

  • Noah: made in Italy and very high quality. Henrietta recently got one of their handbags and it is divine! Noah also make vegan/ethical shoes, wallets, belts, gloves & hats.

Men's/Unisex Vegan Satchels, Briefcases, Backpacks & Wallets

About these brands:

  • BeeKeeper Parade: This is a fashion label unlike any other. Its story will inspire you and warm your heart immensely. I (Henrietta) first met Koky, BeeKeeper's founder, at the beginning of 2016, and it has been incredible to watch his social enterprise grow so greatly and quickly since then. You can read more about BeeKeeper Parade in this post I wrote last year, but in a nutshell, the do-good business uses up-cycled discarded shirts and textiles, to create completely unique backpacks, travel bags and wallets. The pieces are handcrafted ethically in Cambodia, and the profits raised fund Cambodian education projects (provided by Koky's own charity). BeeKeeper even run customisation workshops in Melbourne, where you can learn to create your bags!

    Koky is a truly incredible, humble and inspiring soul, and he is frequently asked to speak at schools, universities and workplaces.
    We definitely encourage you to support and spread the word about this label if you can!

  • Tokyo Bags: run by Singaporean brothers (who were raised by vegan parents!), this label creates minimalist briefcases, satchels and backpacks for men that are inspired by urban cities they grew up, such as Tokyo and Singapore.

  • Will's London: UK based, made in Portugal. This popular vegan shoe brand also offers a range of wallets, belts & bags for men and women.

Vegan belts for men + women

About these brands:

  • Vegan Collection: LA based, made under Ethical Fair Trade practices in India. This label has a cool selection of reversible belts (Alexander and Julian styles), so you can get both a black and a brown belt in one. We love that kind of sustainable thinking!

  • Will's London: UK based, made in Portugal. This popular vegan shoe brand also offers a range of wallets, belts & bags for men and women.

Vegan gloves

About these brands:

  • Noah: this brand makes seriously good quality pieces! As well as gloves, they make shoes, bags, wallets, belts & hats. All products are made in Italy in limited numbers, by small companies that guarantee fair working conditions. (Henrietta has one of Noah's handbags and is divine!)


Angela roi 


Morning Cross body


Angela Roi 


Moa Tote

(now discontinued - sadly!)

Curious to know what ethical fashionistas around the globe keep in their handbags?

Well take a peak then hunny! Check out our What's In My (Ethical) Handbag feature series..

WHERE TO BUY VEGAN accessories:

As well as from these brands own websites, you can buy ethically made vegan accessories at various retail stores around the world. Most of them offer worldwide delivery.

Note: some of these stores are 100% vegan, whilst others are ethical focussed, providing some good vegan options (e.g. Modavanti).

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More Ethical + Vegan Fashion Brands

For clothing, bags, shoes, accessories & more. // for men + women

Keeping Things Transparent:
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Using these links won't cost you anymore, and we'll never recommend a brand to you that we don't love ourselves. As always, we are keen to support small businesses with ethics & great products, who are providing fabulous vegan options.